Four Reasons Every New Couple Should Use a Financial Planner

Like most new couples, you want to start your married life out on the right foot. This means having a solid financial standing, career options, and emotional well-being. One thing that can throw all of these aspects of your new life out of whack is a financial problem. There are some financial issues you can't avoid, but if you prepare for them properly, you will be able to face them and move past them as quickly as possible. In order to do that, you need a financial planner. Here are four reasons every couple should use a financial planner to avoid issues in their future.

Combining Finances

The first step that many new couples take financially is to combine their finances. This means opening a joint checking account as well as trying to merge other financial accounts, credit cards, and paperwork. Though some of this may seem simple, there are a few steps you may find a bit complicated and some financial documents you may overlook. A financial planner can help you determine what accounts to join, how to join them, and which financial accounts should be opened for retirement and other savings.

Debt Management

There are times when one or both parties bring debt into the marriage. Some of this debt, like a car loan or student loan, may be an on-going fixed bill that is paid off slowly over time. There may be other debts that are not as fixed and can either be filed under bankruptcy or placed into a debt management program to be paid off as quickly as possible. Your financial planner can help you decide which debts should be handled with a debt management plan and which ones should be considered as long term fixed bills that are paid monthly.

Investment Options

One of the key points to a couples financial planning is taking the right investment opportunities. Depending on your goals as a couple, these investments may differ from the traditional options you are considering. For example, investing in stocks may not be a wise move for you as a couple if your goals are to purchase a home with the investment or save for retirement. Your financial planner can help you invest properly and secure those investments based on your goals. They can also help secure investments to safeguard them if a divorce or separation occurs.

Emergency Finances

Another financial matter that you may need help with as a new couple is planning for financial emergencies. You can put money aside on your own, but there are also ways to earn interest on that money, accounts that help you save more, and other alternatives. Your financial planner can help you create an emergency savings plan that not only works for you in cases of emergencies, but also works with you to help save more for those emergencies.

These are just four reasons every new couple should use a financial planner. If you have financial questions, consider scheduling a consultation with a financial planner, such as those found at John Osborne & Associates.